How We Increased Organic Traffic by 414% In 2 Months With A Technical SEO Audit

Here at Growth Mogul we are always taking on new challenges and helping our clients to grow their online businesses, that’s why we class ourselves as a Digital Growth Agency rather than a traditional digital marketing agency.

Back in December we had a potential client reach out to us needing help to grow their Organic traffic.

On quick inspection we could see that their website had been around for a while but had just lost sight of its purpose and had seen features, pages and posts bolted onto it all over the place without any clear strategy for growth.

They had a decent backlink profile and authority in their niche but were just not ranking for anywhere near enough keywords.

Our initial response was that they needed a Technical SEO Audit in order to uncover the reasons why Google was struggling to crawl and index their content correctly.

The site was fairly large versus their competitors with around 27,000 pages indexed but many of the indexed pages were not ranking for any keywords which indicated there were problems hiding within the site.

Technical SEO

The Audit

The audit took us around 4 days to complete, including writing up the report and developing the change tracker to monitor the effect of the changes once made to the website.

We were left with a report of 23 problem areas across the site, ranging from issues with duplicate content, thin content, pagespeed, cloaked links, poor site architecture, bad HTTPS migration and lack of an internal linking structure + many more.

The report was long and the issues many but this is not uncommon for a site more than a couple of years old that has not been actively managed with SEO as the focus.

We work with many clients who think their websites are in great shape and are generally very surprised when they get the Technical SEO Report with 15-20 issues across their site that are affecting their rankings.

For a typical audit we tend to find an average of 16 issues!

Fixing The Issues

At the start of January the client handed our report across to their developer who started to fix them one by one.

In the most part the changes can be made by in-house developers as our report is detailed enough to show the problem, why it is a problem and provides details on how to fix it.

For some of the issues, such as internal linking, we like to get stuck into the site and implement this ourselves as we can use our crawl data to really dig through the site and implement this effectively.

Within the first week around 40% of the issues we fixed, these were the high priority issues that we highlighted as having the biggest affect on current rankings. For this client that meant things such as thousands of pages of thin content, canonicalisation errors and above the fold ad heavy landing pages.

By the end of the second week we had finished 75% of the issues in the report and this is when rankings started to take off, as Google had noticed the changes from the week before and started to crawl the site a lot more and was dropping the thin pages and picking up all our other changes in their index within a few hours.

All the changes were fixed before the end of January.

The Results

The results of this work were impressive.

By the end of the first month, Organic Traffic was up over 200% and as I write this today towards the end of February that increase is now well over 400% up and still rising daily as you can see below:

Clients SEO Rankings Increase

We are expecting the increase to continue to rise up to around 700%+ on the back of these improvements as we can see the higher search volume keywords starting to make their way towards page 1.

This shows just how powerful a Technical SEO Audit can be for improving the rankings of your website and we are now working with the client to build backlinks and a content plan to help get them to #1 for their top 10 keywords. A process that is much easier now that the website has been fixed of all it’s technical issues.

How To Get Your Own Technical SEO Audit

Here at Growth Mogul we are moving to a modular way of doing SEO!

So rather than paying a monthly fee and not having any clue what your agency is up to, we offer services at fixed prices so that you can pay for only what you want/need.

Our Technical SEO Audit costs £999 and we aim to have them completed within 7 days of purchase in 99% of cases.

You can get more details and order online here: £999 Technical SEO Audit or you can go the whole hog and have a Full SEO Audit for £1,999.

We look forward to auditing your website and helping you to realise the same Organic improvements as our current clients.

Change the way you pay for your SEO services and move to a modular SEO provider such as Growth Mogul. If you can’t see a service in our marketplace that you are looking for, reach out to us and ask as we are currently adding more services in the coming weeks and you may get a discounted service to help us fine tune it.


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