Technical SEO Auditing

There has been a huge increase in demand for technical SEO services over the past 12 months as businesses see the importance of getting their sites optimised for search engines. Growth Mogul are an experience technical SEO agency, having run audits for many clients large and small.

What’s An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is an extensive and actionable analysis/audit of your website as it currently stands with a focus on the factors that affect its performance in the organic search reports in Google and all major search engines. When completed it looks like the follow:

A list of the current issues/problems that are preventing your website from ranking highly
As well as a list of actionable items to help you improve your website and increase rankings.
In short: We will show you what is wrong with your website and how to fix it.

When performing an SEO Audit, we analyse your website against a set of over 25+ criteria, including but not limited to:

  • Content
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt
  • Canonicalization
  • Internal links
  • Architecture
  • Mobile
  • Site speed
  • International
  • Meta implementation/Schema
  • Analytics
  • HTTPS Migration

Organic Search Traffic Growth - Google Analytics

Why Do You Need an SEO Audit?

Clients who approach us for help often fall into the following categories:

Suffered a Google Penalty
I am sure you have heard of all the Google updates by now such as Penguin and Panda but there are also many more that can see your website booted down the rankings or sometimes even removed completely.

We’ve now worked with many websites to help them analyse if they have been hit by a penalty, what caused it and helped them to recover their rankings.

Lack of Organic Traffic growth
We are often approached by website owners who are frustrated by the fact their organic search traffic seems to stay consistent month-to-month and have not seen any growth for the past 12-18 months.

Whilst this might seem like a success in that they have not lost and traffic all businesses need to keep moving forward and growing if they want to be successful.

Often an SEO audit can help to uncover the issues that are holding your growth back and once the issues are resolved you will see the brakes come off and organic growth return.

Lack of ideas/knowledge
One of the most common reasons we get asked to help our clients out is because they simply do not have anyone in their team with the knowledge and skillset to bring organic traffic growth to their business.

We work with a lot of small/medium sized businesses who have never focused on SEO in the past and they turn to us to help put them in the right direction and start delivering organic growth.

Often these companies have been doing the same things month-to-month to keep their website growing but now need some fresh ideas to really give things a boost.

What do you get with the SEO Audit?

There are two key deliverables from my SEO audits:

  • A detailed report of the issues located during the SEO Audit including what the issue is, where it was found, why it is bad and recommendation on how to fix it.
  • A Fix Plan: This is a separate document that pulls out a list of all the actions recommended in the full report which can be provided to your developers or used by us as a checklist to go through and fix all the issues. Having these in a separate list which you can check off as you go means you are less likely to miss something when implementing fixes.

As an extra to these we will also provide a quote for what we would charge you to fix all the issues highlighted in the report. Many of my clients already have developers/website managers who can implement the fixes but sometimes we are asked if we can do the work on the website.

As each site requires a different amount of work we quote these on a case-by-case basis and provide my quote to you as part of the audit so you can use it as part of your decision making process for how to proceed once you have received the audit.

How Long Does An SEO Audit Take?

Every website is different in terms of its complexity and its size which makes it very hard to give an exact timescale for how long it will take to perform the audit.

However, as a basic guide we provide the following based on the number of pages on your site:

  • Under 1,000: < 1 week
  • 1,000 – 100,000: < 2 weeks
  • 100,000 – 500,000: < 3 weeks
  • 500,000+: 4 weeks (If a lot larger it can take longer.)

Do you run the audits manually?

All my SEO audits are run manually by us.

Some SEO companies simply run your site through a selection of online tools that check against a basic list of criteria.

Whilst this may provide enough detail for small sites and bloggers they tend not to provide an accurate understanding of why your website performs the way it does in search rankings and what can be done to improve it as they apply a one-size fits all approach.

Whilst we use certain tools to help us pull down information about your website such as Screaming Frog, Google Analytics & Ahrefs amongst others, they are used to obtain data and not to provide the base of the report.

Manual auditing is the only safe way to get actionable and meaningful results for your business to help grow your organic rankings.

How much does an SEO Audit cost?


We used to have a sliding scale of pricing but since our transition to an SEO-As-A-Service business we decided to offer a single flat price for our Technical SEO Auditing of just £999!!

The price quoted is to complete the audit and provide the report and list of changes required… We will provide you a separate quote on completion of the audit if you require us to implement the fixes as well.

How do I request an SEO Audit?

Like what you see on this page and want to get hire Growth Mogul to be your technical SEO agency?


You can now order and pay for your Technical SEO Audit online here: Buy Technical SEO Audit

We look forward to auditing your website and helping you to move up the rankings.