Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Here at Growth Mogul we pride ourselves on being a Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency (CRO) that puts your business growth at the forefront of our service and look to deliver returns in the quickest time possible.

What’s Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of turning more of your websites traffic into paying customers/leads.

In fairness, that is a very simplistic definition and does not really do justice to something that is very much a scientific art-form when done correctly.


Many people still believe that CRO is simple running a few tests on a website where you might change the colour of a button from green to orange and see if that leads to an increase in conversions. In reality, a good CRO agency does A LOT more than that.

A good CRO agency, such as Growth Mogul, will do a very deep analysis of the current state of your business, not just of your website to understand where improvements can be made.

This means we will collect as much detail from you, not just Google Analytics/Website stats data but also data from all your current advertising campaigns, sales performance, email marketing and much more to get a 360 degree view of your business.

It is by connecting all of this data with our teams experience that we can find the optimisations that will actually move the needle for your business in a meaningful way.

Many agencies will simply keep looking for 2-3% increases in conversion with the hope of maybe increasing your businesses conversion rate by around 10% over a year. We start with the goal of trying to double your companies conversion rate.

We do this by making big impactful optimisations to your website and business rather than running many small tests which take a long time to deliver results to your top and bottom line.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Why Do You Need Conversion Rate Optimisation Services?

Clients who approach us for help often fall into the following categories:

Don’t know why people are not converting

Many of our clients turn to us when they simply can’t work out why the traffic they are sending to their website is not converting as well as they expect it to and have tried implementing CRO best practices but are unable to move the needle themselves.

This is a common problem for businesses of all sizes and often it can be very valuable to reach out to an agency like ours to provide a fresh set of un-biased eyes to analyse your business and your current performance for potential areas for improvement.

Turn data into actions

One thing we often find when working with new clients is that they currently collect a lot of data through their existing analytics platforms but they don’t currently have anyone owning that data to turn it into actionable insights that will allow them to grow their business.

We have talented data analysts who have a lot of experience in turning huge amounts of analytics data into easy to understand actions that will deliver an impact on your businesses key KPIs to drive growth.

It is the combination of your data and our experience that can be the key to unlocking growth in your business.

Lack of ideas/knowledge

Another common reason businesses approach us is that they do not currently have anyone in their organisation that has the knowledge or experience to handle conversion optimisation internally and prefer to outsource it to a very experience agency like ours rather than bring in someone fresh that they need to train.

As we have done this hundreds of times before we can get a running start at your project and can deliver insights and improvements in a very short space of time to move the needle a lot quicker than if companies went through the recruitment process, hired and then trained a new employee.

As we have a team of experienced consultants you also get the value of multiple minds versus one if you hire in-house.

What do you get with the CRO Service?

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation service is a monthly service, rather than a fixed project service such as our SEO Audits.

Each client is different and what we do will vary over time when working on your project as we iterate through improvements but as a guide here are some of the things we will be doing on a monthly basis:

  • Data Analysis – We will work through all the data available about your business to turn it into actionable insights and hypotheses for improvement
  • A/B Testing – We will always be testing! Changes big and small we won’t ask you to make changes to your website without first testing them to significance to prove their affect.
  • Reporting – We pride ourselves on our reporting and ensure that all the teams in your business get access to as much information as possible on what we are doing as well as interesting data we pull out of your analytics to help all areas of your business improve
  • Data Gathering – You may already have a wealth of data coming into your business but that wont stop us going out and looking for more, whether it be customer surveys or user testing we will always be looking to improve the data your business gathers
  • Bi-weekly Calls/Presentations – Every two weeks we will schedule a 1 hour call with your team to report back on findings, what we have been doing and getting feedback from you on performance. We like to keep a very close relationship with our clients and these calls are a great way to keep our team and yours working closely together.

How much does the CRO service cost?

We like to keep our pricing as transparent and simple as possible, that is why we charge a fixed monthly price for our CRO service.

The monthly price is: £1,999

This is less than it would cost most businesses to hire someone to manage this in-house.

We require a minimum commitment of 3-months before we begin working with a new client, this allows us the time to do a really good job and generate significant increases in your conversion rate.

All our projects start with getting to know your business, gather data and then analyse. This all takes time and we find that the first month of working with a new client is all about this data gathering and analysis and from months 2-3 onwards we can hypothesise improvements, test them and report back on them.

Once the initial three month period is over, we can either move to a rolling month-to-month contract, or agree a new fixed 3 month block contract.

For clients who pay upfront for their 3-month contract we offer a discount of £997, making it a price of approximately £1,666 per month.

We believe this provides exceptional value for our clients as we often deliver conversion rate increases of over 20% very quickly from the start of our contracts with clients. How much is a 20% revenue increase worth to your business??

How do I request your CRO service?

Like what you see on this page and want to sign up to a conversion rate optimisation agency that can grow your business?

Please use the form here: Contact Us – And we will reply to your enquiry within 24 hours. Please make sure to provide as many details as possible about your business and what you are looking to achieve.

The next step will be for us to have a consultation with you to fully understand what you are looking to achieve and where your business is currently at before signing the contract that will see you taking the first steps to making a meaningful improvement to your conversion rate.

As mentioned on this page, we do all the work ourselves by hand which means we can only take on so much work at one time. We work on a first come first serve basis and will be able to give you a rough guide on when we can start working on your site when you enquire.