5 Actionable Hacks to Increase your eCommerce Sales Today

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The world of eCommerce is still my favourite arena to work in…

Whilst the SAAS revolution is giving me the majority of my clients these days, I still find my best projects are eCommerce stores as that is where I learned my trade…

I think I love working with eCommerce stores best because you can actually make changes and watch the money start rolling in within minutes of making a change.

That satisfying feeling knowing you can increase sales across a whole range of products with a couple of simple tweaks and these changes can often lead to multi-millions of pounds in additional sales every year for the businesses.

I also love picking up new eCommerce clients as there are usually some very quick ways in which sales can be increased with very little effort.

Today I want to give you five actionable ideas that you can implement today and increase your sales.

1. Free Delivery During Peak Period

This one never seems to fail.

Jump into your Google Analytics account and highlight the hour of the day or possibly two hour period of the day where your eCommerce store gets its most visits.

Now during this period offer free delivery on all sales!

I know this is not an option for all stores as some sell products that they cannot ship for free but most stores can offer this option.

Free delivery is still a massive sales driver for eCommerce stores and if you have not tested offering free delivery to your customers then now is a great time to give it a go.

Make sure you make it obvious on the site that the free delivery is available only during this short window and make sure users can see this offer without having to go to the checkout, make it clear on all pages.

2. Scarcity

Scarcity is still a great way of driving eCommerce growth.

Play on peoples FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

The easiest way to do this is to show low stock warnings on your product pages…. Don’t worry about only showing it when there are only 1 or 2 left. Start showing a warning when you have less than 20 in stock… It has the same influence on the shopper.

You can combine this by showing how many times someone purchased the product this week to really force home the point. People will be worried that the item could be out of stock if they come later and may buy it right there and then.

I am always amazed how many stores are still not doing this!

3. Cart Abandonment Emails

I think the most recent studies in Cart Abandonment on eCommerce stores have shown that over 70% of all shopping baskets are abandoned.

I would suggest it is one of the biggest challenges your store is facing right now.

You need to actively engage with these users to get them back onto the site to complete their purchase.

The most effective way of doing this is through Cart Abandonment Emails.

Here is my preferred strategy to get these sales completed:

  • Within two hours of abandonment, send the user an email reminding them they did not complete their transaction and offer them a small discount (10% off ?) to come back and complete it. This discount should have a time limit on it to create urgency. I always choose 24 hours.
  • 22 hours after abandonment send another follow up email reminding the customer that their discount is only valid for another 2 hours – Really push the urgency in this email.
  • Now wait until 7 days after the abandonment, if the user has still not completed their purchase. Send a third and final email offering them half the original discount (5% off) if they checkout in the next 24 hours.

You will normally find that the email seven days later with half the original discount can be very effective as people can see their chances of getting a discount slipping away.

If you are not using cart abandonment emails then turning these on is a sure fire way to increase your revenue.

4. Re-activation

eCommerce stores are always trying to find new customers!

But many forget about all their existing customers.

It amazes me how many businesses are sat on databases of millions of previous customers and they don’t have any re-activation strategies in play to get these customers buying again on their site.

Here is a very simple strategy you can use to get your customer reactivation strategy off the ground.

  • Highlight all the customers in your database who have not purchased from you in the past 12 months.
  • Send an email that contains the words ‘miss you’ in the title as well as a discount. e.g. We miss you here at [brand] – Get 10% off your next purchase.
    • Lots of research has shown that using the term ‘miss you’ or other emotive terms can increase open and click rates…. The same is true of discounts.
  • In the email offer the user a limited time window to use a discount code – for example… Come back to us in the next 48 hours and you can have 10% of your next purchase…

It is always a lot cheaper to re-activate an old customer than it is to find new ones so set up a couple of campaigns that target lapsed or lapsing customers to keep them engaged and buying with your site.

5. Share your purchase

This is a fairly simple one that I love to implement.

It is also one that I do not see too often when shopping online but it always helps to bring in some new customers…

On your checkout completion page, offer your customers the chance to share their recent purchases on social media…

This can be done by offering some pre-filled share boxes for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Don’t make the messaging to marketing focused as people are not keen on sharing that kind of content but put yourself in the mind of your typical user and give them something they will want to share.

When customers share your message they are essentially endorsing your site to their friends and often their friends will head over to your site to check out the product they shared… This can often lead to an increase in sales and some new customers….


I hope you find these 5 tip helpful for increasing your eCommerce sales today!

Most of these do not required a massive overhead of work to be tested to see how they perform for your business.

I am always working with eCommerce brands to help increase their revenue and will keep posting more in-depth hacks and tips for you in the coming weeks.

Have you got an amazing trick you think should be on this list? Share it in the comments below so we can discuss.

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