4 Strategies To Boost Your Email Click-Through Rates

Email CTR

As part of our Conversion Rate Optimisation Service we are always looking grow our clients KPIs and these are not only the standard ‘Conversion Rate’ figure for sales/leads but all key KPIs.

We are an agency that focus on growth and we do not limit that simply to one metric as we know that moving the needle for your business’ growth will come from improving a whole host of your KPIs to make the biggest impact.

For some of our clients recently we’ve been focusing on their Email Marketing campaigns in order to drive more traffic back into their site and to increase the ROI from this marketing channel.

One thing we find is that many businesses are still simply sending out email without attempting to optimise them for performance gains.

During our recent campaigns with clients we found 4 great strategies that you can use to increase your click-through rates (CTR) from email marketing campaigns to drive more users back into your site and drive more revenue.

1. Keep it short

When we analysed the previous email campaigns sent out by one of our clients we found that some of the email they sent were super long.

When we compared the CTR of those really long emails to some of their shorter emails we found that those shorter emails had a higher click through rate.

We decided to run a test and sent 50% of their 90,000 email subscribers and email that was only 400 words long and the other 50% an email that was 800 words long.

Both emails were on the same subject matter and had the same subject line.

We found that the email that was half the length had a 35% higher CTR than the longer email.

We found that shorter emails generated a 35% increase in CTR for our clients campaigns. This was tested on emails 400 words long vs 800 words.

2. Increase the number of links

Another very simple strategy for increasing your CTR is to add more links to your emails.

Sounds obvious but you would be amazed how many companies are sending out email campaigns that only contain a single link.

This was true of our client also.

So we ran another test where we sent out the same email to their email list but this time we sent one version that only had one link in it and the other version had two links in it.

In this test the version with two links in it had a CTR that was 19% higher than the version with one link.

We tested with again with three, four, five & six links and found that the plateau appeared to come into affect at around 4 links and any more had very little increase in CTR.

Try adding more links to future emails to see if you can increase your CTR through this strategy.

3. Message matching

This is a very common thing that we see with emails we receive… When you have a subject line that matches only around 25% of the content of the email.

One great way to boost your CTR is to ensure that the content of your email matches the expectations set out with your subject line.

By keeping your emails focused on a single topic you can capture the attention of your reader and drive them to a specific action rather than peppering them with 3-4 other pieces of content/calls to action that are not relevant.

4. Include a standout Call-To-Action (CTA)

Another great strategy for increasing your email CTRs is to end each message with one clear and concise call to action (CTA) button that provides the user with that next step once they have reached the end of your email.

Whilst having links in your content is great for providing context to the links in all testing we have done to date with email, we found that having a clear CTA at the end of your email always drives an increase in CTR.

The CTA should look like the most obvious thing to click for the next step, for example:

CTA in email

Leave the reader in no doubt that this is clickable and make the copy of your button match the message of the email.

Give these tactics a try in your next email campaigns to see if you are able to increase the CTR of your businesses campaigns.

If you are looking to grow your business and move the needle on your businesses KPIs then why not have a read of our Conversion Rate Optimisation Service or reach out to us to discuss how we can help your business grow.

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