Why Is No-one Linking To My Blog Posts?

This is a question that I am sure many new and even some experienced bloggers have asked themselves at some point.

It can be frustrating to be putting out some great content but not see any return in terms of links back to your site.

You will start to ask yourself other questions, such as, are my blog posts good enough? Is no-one reading my blog?

The truth however is that you are most likely producing good content which is getting read by your target audience. The thing that you are missing from your blog marketing is ‘networking’.

It is well known that bloggers like to stick together, friends link to each others posts and share them on Twitter/Facebook. In order to get more links to your blog posts you need to make more friends.

The process of networking on the Internet is becoming a lot easier thanks to Social Media. You can form relationships with bloggers despite being in different countries, continents and time zones.

My Simple Guide To Networking & Getting More Links To Your Posts

I want to share with you a simple guide that should help you to generate more links back to your blog posts by networking with other bloggers.

The first step is to find 5 bloggers in your niche who you would like to have link back to your blog. Once you have identified the bloggers you want to approach you need to find out where they hang out. Are they active on Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn?

Once you have located your bloggers and found out where they hang out you need to start interacting with them. Don’t rush straight in and ask for a link, instead wait for them to ask questions and give thoughtful responses. Build trust with the blogger, once you have interacted with them for a while you can start to send them links to your latest blog post and ask them for their thoughts on the issue. If they enjoy the post they may Re-Tweet it, or mention it in their future blog posts.

Eventually the blogger will become familiar with your blog and will hopefully link to more of your posts in the future.

You should also go through this process with your blog readers and get to know them and what they aim to gain from your blog. If you can answer their questions they are likely to become a loyal reader and share/link to your content in the future.

If you want more links back to your blog then I strongly urge you to get out and network with other bloggers and the readers of your blog.

Do you wish you had more links to your blog posts? How do you get links to your blog posts? Do you agree with my guide for networking with bloggers?

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