The 6 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools I Use Everyday

There are literally thousands of Analytics, Marketing & Conversion Rate tools available to work with online today…

conversion rate optimization stackWhen I first started in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) around 6 years ago there were only a couple of tools to choose from and these were available at a fairly cheap price as the market was so new.

Now there is a full suite of products from free tools to enterprise level solutions to suit all businesses.

Today I want to share with you the 6 products that I use on a daily basis when optimising conversion rates for mu clients.

Hopefully this will help you to decide which tools to keep in your CRO stack:

  1. Google Analytics – Lets start with the most obvious. Nearly every website in the world uses Google Analytics in some capacity. A well structured Analytics account is without doubt the fastest way to uncover bottlenecks and obvious issues in a website that can be addressed early in the optimisation process for quick wins. Google are always evolving the product which means it only keeps on getting better and more valuable.
  2. Hotjar – This is a fantastic tool that allows you to record visitors as they browse a website so you can get a much clearer understanding of the actions they are taking, what they are looking at and what may have prevented them from converting. I use this tool when I am looking to deep-dive into certain areas of a funnel to understand better what is causing a bottleneck at that stage.
  3. Five Second Test – As the name suggest, this tool allows you to show potential layouts/designs to users for 5 seconds and then get them to answer a few questions about what they saw/remember. This is a tool I love to use when testing new value propositions and calls to action. You can get a lot more insight from this type of test than you might imagine. Clients are sometimes surprised to find that users don’t actually understand what they are offering quickly from their landing pages.
  4. Survey Monkey – A great tool that can be used at the start of a project or later on when searching for new ideas. Survey Monkey allows you to create surveys that you can send out to users to get more insight into what they like about a site, why they use it, what they think is missing, and much more. I love to use this tool early in the conversion process to speak with current customers to find out why they decided to use my clients sites, this really helps to build the customer personas that we then look to optimise the site for to increase conversion rate.
  5. Optimizely/Visual Website Optimizer – Next up come the testing tools. Generally it will depend on the budget of the client as to which tool is used. Optimizely is the product that I am closer to as I have a fantastic relationship with the team there but their product is pricier and many clients prefer to opt for VWO to run their testing on a smaller budget, at least initially. Both tools are fantastic and allow you to test all your hypotheses quickly to find winning variations that can then be applied to clients sites to boost their conversion rates and increase revenue.

Whilst I do use many more tools, these are the tools that I am using on a daily basis.

Every client is different and many of my larger clients require us to use many more tools to segment their data, gain insight from users and run testing.

The CRO stack is perfectly adequate to deliver conversion rate increases on any website.

What tools do you use on a daily basis? Do you know of any tools better than those listed in my stack that I may not have considered?

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