[Project] Can You Still Make Money With Google Adsense?

It has now been over 10 years since I started to use Google Adsense and started my journey with making money online.

Back in 2007, after conversations with a friend of mine who was making a decent side income from one of his websites through Google Adsense I decided to give it a go.

I launched a site that provided stats, news and profiles for people who play Fantasy Football (soccer). At the time there was very little competition in this market, whereas now there are some very big sites operating here.

My site grew fast and I quickly went through the earnings goals that people where talking about in the forums: $1 a day, $10 a day, $20 a day and I even managed a weekend where I made $100 a day for 4 straight days.

By the time I sold the site around a year after launch it was making an average of around $70 a day.

Since then I have dabbled a little bit with Google Adsense on my blogs but never really pushed it.

Now after 10 years I am going to see if it is still possible to create a respectable income from Google Adsense.

The Plan

I’ve created two new blogs in the past week or so and will add a third before the end of the month to create a little collection of blogs that I plan to grow from the ground up.

Each of the blogs is in a slightly different niche so we can assess the difference in earnings potential across niches and compare how difficult it is to start making money through Adsense in 2017.

I will add posts to each of the blogs manually every week and aim to grow their traffic which in turn should grow their revenue.

I will test different layouts for ads on the page to find the best locations on the page for earnings as well as testing the different ad formats that Google offers.

The Goals

Just as I did 10 years ago I am going to stick to the traditional goals that many Adsense publishers set out to hit on their journey to making money online:

  • Avg $1 a day ($30/m)
  • Avg $5 a day ($150/m)
  • Avg $10 a day ($300/m)
  • Avg $20 a day ($600/m)
  • Avg $50 a day ($1,500/m)
  • Avg $100 a day ($3,000/m)
  • Avg $250 a day ($7,500/m)
  • Avg $500 a day ($15,000/m)
  • Avg $1,000 a day ($30,000/m)

As I am starting from the ground up this feels like a good journey and something exciting to attempt to see if there is still any life in the Google Adsense gold rush like there was 10 years ago.

The maths for this challenge has not changed in all those years so the way to earn money through Adsense is still the same as it was back then:

Traffic * CTR * CPC

This means that there are three ways in which you can increase your Adsense earnings:

  1. Traffic: Driving more traffic to your site will lead to an increase in earnings
  2. CTR (Click-Through Rate): By increasing the CTR on your ads you can increase your earnings
  3. CPC (Cost per Click): This is an area that you have less control over but there are some things you can do to increase it, such as writing about topics in industries with a higher CPC.


I am getting the blogs set up now and am starting to collect my first data.

At the end of every month I will provide an update on my progress against these goals as well as doing regular posts about the experiments I am running to optimise my blogs, increase traffic and increase CTR of my ads.

I will release my first revenue report at the end of August for the first half-month of my personal project.

Wish me luck.

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