Blog Comments: The Best Source Of Inspiration For New Posts?

Thinking up ideas for new blog posts is a struggle that most bloggers will face at one point or another, some bloggers face it regularly. I have been lucky enough to palm off the problem of bloggers block thanks to access to a wealth of information about what readers in my niche want.

Where Can I Get This Information?

You already have it! Chances are that if you have been up and running for over 2 months then you should have a database full of blog comments left by readers of your blog. These comments often include questions from readers who want to know more about a certain area in your niche.

Sure, some of these questions might be simple and can be answered by a short reply comment, however, there will also be a few comments that will produce ideas for new blog posts. The best thing about these ideas is that you know that your readers want the information because they have asked for it.

What Shall I Do With This Information

When you find a question in your comment area that you believe is worthy of its own post you should create a draft post with the title being the question, then add the post title and comment number where the question was originally asked, for easy reference when you go to write the post. You should also jot down a few ideas that are running through your head at that point on the topic, as sometimes you can forget key areas when you come to write the post.

Chances are that you have specific times set aside to write posts so you will not be able to write it there and then. The great thing is that by the time you come to write your next batch of blog posts you will have a collection of draft posts ready and waiting for you to type up and publish.

The best advice I can give is to make sure that you actually answer the readers question and offer a conclusion/summary at the bottom for people who just want a quick glance at the answer to the question.

I think it is even a good idea to mention the person who asked the question at the start of the post, maybe with a link back to their blog as this will encourage more questions in your comment area and more ideas for great posts.

A Little Bonus

The great thing about blog comments is that they are available to see on other blogs in your niche as well, this means that you can also get ideas for new posts from other blogs in your niche. This is good for new bloggers who don’t have a wealth of comments on their own blogs.

Are you using your blog comments as a source of inspiration for new blog posts? How do you beat bloggers block? Do you think blog comments are a good source of inspiration? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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