5 Tips To Make Your Blog Posts More Appealing

When a visitor lands on your blog you have only a matter of seconds to convince them not to click off and carry on with their day.

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You have done the hard part by getting the reader to your blog, your next task is to get them to read the posts that you have spent hours crafting, I want to show you how!

The most effective way of doing this is to make your posts appealing to potential readers. I want to share with you 5 tips that I believe make reading your blog posts more appealing to your blogs visitors.

5 Tips To Make Your Blog Posts More Appealing

  1. Relevance – You need the reader to understand why the post is relevant to them. If a reader does not think a post is relevant to them they will leave without really giving it a chance. Make sure the headline states what the post is about and introduce a key theme for the post in the first 1-2 sentences.
  2. Make The Main Content Visible – Whether you like it or not the majority of blog readers tend to skim through articles. With this in mind you should look to highlight the main bulk of the posts detail, this can be done easily by using headlines inside your post to split up the content. Another simple method is to use bullet points or an ordered list.
  3. Make It Easy To Read – Blog readers like their content to be easy to read. Try not to use technical jargon and long explanations when short and sharp sentences will suffice. Many bloggers try to pad out their articles with longer sentences and include a lot of technical jargon as they believe that it will make them seem more of an expert in their niche. More often than not the successful bloggers in each niche are the ones who are able to convey information in the most easy to understand way and not the ones with the greatest knowledge.
  4. Keep The Reader Locked In – This is one of the more difficult tips to carry out. It works around the idea of using certain language to make the reader believe that if they continue reading they will continue to learn. An example is to use wording like “Wait, there’s more..” and “I will tell you how to..”. Using this wording triggers a response in the readers mind that they need to continue reading the post to get all the information available.
  5. Authority – Readers like to know that they are getting their information from someone in the know, or someone who knows what they are doing. With this in mind you should aim to write in a professional way but avoid breaking the rules outlined in point 3. There is a difference between technical jargon and professional language, you need to adopt an approach that is in keeping with your blog, niche and audience. All blogs and niches are different so this approach will vary from blog to blog.

Many bloggers assume that once they send readers to their blog they are going to read their posts, this is not always the case. Hopefully these tips will help you to increase the engagement in the content that you put all your effort into.

Your Turn:

How do you look to engage readers on your blog? What are your thoughts on the issue of blog skimming? Do you read whole posts or just pick out the meaty bits?

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