4 Types Of Backlinks To Grow Your Blog

Backlinks have been at the core of Search Engine Optimisation for many years now and they are set to stay there for years to come.

However, many bloggers still put little importance and effort into obtaining backlinks for their blog.

The silly part is that it is extremely easy to develop 10-20 new links back to your blog every day. I want to share with you four simple ways of generating backlinks to your blog.

  1. Social Media – Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are fast becoming the number 1 resource for bloggers as a way to grow their blogs. Not only is it a great way to network with your followers and reach out to fellow bloggers, it is also a great way of pointing links back to your site. Recent updates to the Google algorithm have seen more importance placed on links from Social Media and its importance is only likely to grow as its popularity increases.
  2. RSS Directories – Your RSS feed can be submitted to RSS directories as a great way of getting backlinks on autopilot. Every time you publish a new post, you get instant backlinks from these directories. Not only that, but other people can put your feed on their sites for more exposure and backlinks. Here is a good list of RSS Directories to get you started.
  3. Commenting – I have spoken countless times in the past about the importance of blog commenting as a way of growing your blog. One of the reasons I believe it to be a key element of a blog marketing plan is that it is a great way of driving traffic and generating backlinks. When you leave a comment on another blog it will link back to your blog. Plugins such as CommentLuv also make it possible for you to get deeper links into your blog content and not just to your homepage.
  4. Guest Blogging – This is another method that I have talked about in-depth in earlier posts, but I have not really touched on the backlink aspect. When you write a post on another blog, there is usually the opportunity to link out from the post. Most bloggers will allow around 3-5 links in a single post, some are more picky. You can use these as a way of linking back to content on your blog that is relevant to the guest post that you are writing. You can also link back to your blogs homepage in your author bio.

As you can see these are four methods of generating backlinks that are not time-consuming and will allow you to grow your blog over time.

Your Turn

Feel free to share your tips for generating backlinks to your blog in the comment section below. I would love to hear your views on the methods that I have raised in this article also.

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