3 Super Simple Tactics To Reduce Your Blogs Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate optimisation is something that we as an agency have worked on a lot recently.

As we are a growth agency we work across areas such as Conversion Rate Optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation and for both of these bounce rate is a very important factor.

A high bounce rate can be a signal to Google that you are not satisfying the users queries when they land on your website from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and recently there has been more evidence that supports the theory that this will lead to a decrease in your rankings.

In much the same way that the recent evidence suggests the opposite is true also, that a low bounce rate can actually have an impact in moving your site up the rankings, albeit not a massive amount.

With that in mind, today I want to share with you three super simple tactics that you can use to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

1. Start with short sentences

Nothing seems to put off readers more than opening up a page and seeing massive blocks of content.

When starting off your posts, try and keep the first 3-4 sentences very short.

This will help make your post more attractive to start reading and will get users to actually start reading your content.

Try and make these first couple of sentences attention grabbing enough that the visitor needs to keep reading on to get all the details.

By getting over that first hurdle and having your visitors actually start reading the article you should then be able to move them on to other content on your site with strategically places internal links and by providing additional content to read at the end of the article.

2. Optimise for speed

Don’t make your visitors wait more that 1.5 seconds for your pages to load.

Any longer than that and you are moving into the high risk zone for high bounce rate.

Visitors these days have very short attention spans and they are not willing to wait very long for their content.

As a first step we would recommend this 5 step approach to a faster blog and if you are really struggling to improve the speed of your blog then reach out to experts in WordPress Speed Optimisation such as us!

Test your site using a service such as GTMetrix and if you are seeing your content pages taking longer than 1.5 seconds to load. Optimise them!

3. Provide additional materials

At the end of every blog post make sure you give your readers somewhere to go next.

Often most blog posts simply end and then you get the comments section…

Why not recommend other pages on your website related to the content that they have just read that they may want to consider reading next.

End your posts with a short summary of what they have just read and offer then a resource that will get them to the next level or provide more advanced details for example.

This can vary from blog to blog but if you are a business you can try and direct readers to relevant services you offer or send them to a landing page where they can sign up t receive more content like that which they have just finished reading.

These are just three simple tactics that we have recommended to our blog clients over the past couple of weeks that we thought you would find useful.

If you are struggling to get your website ranking in Google then you may want to consider hiring an agency that specialises in growth to take your website to the next level.. If that sounds like you then reach out and Hire Us to help your business growth.

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  1. These are the little things I failed to look closely into. Speed optimization is a must to improve in my sites. Thanks for sharing this post! Quick but with great content.

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