3 Great Ways To Open Your Blog Post

You have spent ages crafting your post title, tweaking it until you have a totally awesome title that will draw in readers.

The next job is to start your blog post with a bang to get the reader hooked as soon as possible. I want to share with you 3 simple ways to grab the users attention and have them hooked to your blog post.

1. Questions

Questions are a great way of getting the reader to start thinking about the areas you are going to cover in your post. They can make the reader curious to find out the answer and will get them reading through your post until they find it.


Quotes can be a fantastic way of opening a post. If you can get a quote from a well known authority into the top of your blog post then you are sure to grab the attention of the reader. For more though provoking quotes the reader will continue to read your post to gain a better understanding for what the quote represents.

3. Statistics

Everyone loves a stat. They are a great way of pulling a reader into your blog. A good idea is to use a statistic that everyone wants to meet such as: ‘Twitter Increases Blog Traffic By 150%’. When the reader sees the statistic they will want to know how to make it work for them.

These are three simple techniques that you can use to get your blog posts off to a flying start and grab the readers attention from the off!

How do you start your blog posts? Do you agree with these techniques? What do you think is the most effective way to begin a blog post?

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