3 Easy Tips To Keep Your Old Posts Alive

Are you still promoting your old posts?

With bloggers spending so much of their time creating and promoting new blog posts it is no wonder that older blog posts get forgotten, hidden away in the corner of your blog.

When you wrote these posts you believed that the reader would gain some value from reading them, chances are they still will. However many bloggers are discarding their older posts in favour of writing new content and at times covering old ground.

Keeping Old Posts Alive

I want to offer you 3 ways in which you can keep your old blog posts alive and get your readers to read them:

  • Link To Them: This is the most obvious. Bloggers tend to stick to their niche so chances are you will write posts that are in some-way related to an older post you have written. Instead of re-writing the points you outlined in your earlier post offer the reader a link so that they can check out the older article.
  • Tweet Them: This is something that I like to do. Every now and then post up a link to an older blog post. Most bloggers tend to only post up links to their new blog posts, however tweets about older posts can be just as useful to your followers.
  • Favourite Them: This is something that I am hoping to introduce once I have more posts on my blog. Why not dedicate a page or section of your blogs sidebar to creating a list of your favourite posts on your blog. These are the sort of lists that readers find useful and drive traffic to older posts.

What do you do?

These are just 3 simple steps to keep your older blog posts alive, how do you do this on your blog? Are you actively promoting your older posts?

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