14 Ways To Generate More Links To Your Blog

Getting links to your blog from other websites is a great feeling as it means that other people are enjoying your work and feel the need to share it with others. Even more important than that though is that it increases your blogs authority, with Search Engines and in terms of reputation across the blogosphere.

With that in mind I want to share with you 14 tips that I believe will help you to generate more links back to your blog and in turn increase your blogs authority:

  • Great Content – Before people will link to your blog they will need to find some content that they feel is worthy of sharing. Take time to write some really excellent posts.
  • Blog Commenting – This is a well known method for generating links back to your blog. Commenting on other blogs in your niche can help build your link count and can send targeted visitors to your blog. Just don’t get carried away with this and make sure it is not your only method of building backlinks as it can be seen as very spammy.
  • Reviews – This is a useful tip. Many people can’t be bothered to write their own reviews on products/services and instead link to other blogs that have reviewed the product/service. Find a few top products in your niche and review them.
  • Social Profiles – If you use sites such as Facebook and Twitter they give you the option to include a URL.. Use it to point a link back to your site. Whilst this might not help from an SEO point of view, it will send visitors back to your site from your social media profiles.
  • Guest Blogging – This is a method that I have strongly encouraged before. Guest blogging is the process of writing a post for another blog. The idea is that you can include a link or two back to your own blog inside this article. Again, use this method in moderation as writing lots of guest posts per month can look spammy to search engines. It should certainly be something you should look to do 2-3 times per month.
  • Reciprocate – I often write roundup feature on my blog where I link to posts I have read through-out the week. I also try and link to blogs that have linked to me during the week as well. This is a good way of saying thanks to the people that link to you, encouraging them to do it more in the future.
  • Give Out Links – As I mentioned above I link out to articles I have read during the week, sometimes this can result in the blogger linking back to me at some point over the next week.
  • Interviews – This is a tip that has worked for many bloggers in the past. Try and interview a few of the top people in your niche, everyone likes to know how people in their niche have become successful and are looking for some gems of wisdom from them. If it is a good interview with some interesting points raised then it will gain some link love.
  • Press Releases – This is a tip that might not work for everyone but it can be useful. If you do some research or surveys that produce some interesting results you can release a press release with the findings. If you link back to your blog in the press release then you should get some strong backlinks.
  • Ask – There is no harm in asking for links, why not put out a tweet asking your followers to consider linking to your blog posts in future blog posts. This method might get you a couple of links. The more authority you have the more links that you will get through this method as people will try and please you.
  • Break News – If you work in a niche where you can be one of the first people to blog about a big news story in your niche then you can generate a lot of links as people will link back to you as the source of breaking news. This is mega effective, but is difficult to be one of the first to break the news.
  • List Posts – Writing list posts such as this one are good ways of gaining links. They are sometimes called ‘linkbait’ as list posts are well known for gaining links from other blogs.
  • How To – Similar to lists posts, How-To posts are some of the most linked to types of posts as people are always looking for answers to questions.
  • Infographics – This is something that is proving very popular at the moment. An infographic is essential a picture that has a lot of information in a very easy to understand way. They are popular because people can get across key points without having to write lengthy posts. Readers love them because they don’t have to read through a long and complicated post.

I hope that you find these tips useful for building backlinks to your blog. I know that there is not necessarily anything new here but it is good to get a list of the key ways to generate backlinks in one place.

Please feel free to share your method for getting more backlinks below, If I like it I will add it to the bottom of the list, will even add a link back to your blog as a thank you.

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