10 Great Ways To Build Your List

I am sure many of you are aware an important part of blogging is building your email list.

I want to help you grow your list so that you can use it to drive traffic to your blog and to help you make money.

Most bloggers that I know use Aweber to manage their list, if you are not already building a list then I suggest you check them out and start building a list today.

By having an email list you can stay connected with your subscribers and keep them informed about what is happening on your blog, it can also be used to recommend new products to your subscribers and earn commissions.

  • Ask People To Subscribe – Tell people what they are subscribing for and what they will get out of it. People wont give away their email address without knowing what they will get in return.
  • Make Your Sign-up Form Visible – Have your sign-up form above the fold on your blog, so that it can be found easily.
  • Use Multiple Forms – Have more than one sign-up form on your blog, consider having one in your sidebar and one at the bottom of your blog posts. Aweber allows you to track the performance of each form so you can see which one converts best.
  • Word-of-mouth – Ask your existing subscribers to recommend your newsletter if they find it useful. This could be done every 6 months or so and has helped me boost my list by between 5-10% when used.
  • Give Something Away For Free – Many bloggers offer a free ebook in return for you signing up to their newsletter. A lot of people sign-up when there is something available for free. It does not have to be anything special but ebooks seem to be one of the most effective.
  • Contests – When running a contest on your blog, ask your contestants to subscribe to your list in return for points in the contest.
  • Create A Newsletter Page – Create a page dedicated to getting people to sign up to your list. You can then link to this when promoting your list, such as on Twitter. See my Newsletter Page.
  • Make It Easy – Don’t ask for endless amount of information. Make it quick and easy to sign-up.
  • Link To Newsletter Page On Guest Posts – When you do a guest post on another blog, as well as linking back to your blog in your bio also include a link to your newsletter page (see #7).
  • Get Reviewed – Asking other bloggers in your niche to recommend your blog and your newsletter can be a great way of building your list as people are often more likely to act after reading a good review.

These are just 10 ways that you can build your email list.

How do you build your list? What is your most effective method?

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